Real Update

Still no news on the house in Utah since we changed lending companies from the evil conglomerate to a local one recccomended by our realtor -- so keep your fingers crossed.

On the apartment hunting side, I thought we had it nailed down yesterday, but when I called to arrange paperwork, deposit, etc... suddenly they want me to sign a years lease. I didn't want to do that. I said six months, she said she'd ask her husband, call back later. So, I call back, and she gets very aggressive and bossy about signing a year lease. That's an instant deal breaker for me. I react very badly when people try to browbeat me into doing something. Really, really bad.

Back to looking. I have an appointment to look at a place tomorrow at lunch. The landlady was really very nice, so I'm hopeful. More than I wanted to pay, but I'm resigned to rent bankrupting me.

Oh, we looked at a Victorian in Pacific Grove yesterday that had been turned into a triplex. I was sooooo tempted -- I dearly love old houses. But, they wanted an enormous security deposit, and the apartment was on the rundown side. The two didn't mix for me -- if you want nearly a $2000 deposit, the place had damn well better be pristine! Plus there was no furnace, so I would have had to use space heaters in all the rooms. Been there, done that, and at least in that place we had a wood stove!

Tonight is Townhall Meetup night, so I get an evening out!