On The Menu

Tonight, we dine on Pumpkin Soup and a fresh La Brea Bakery baguette from Whole Foods. and if we're dining on pumpkin soup, I suppose I should get a move on and actually start making it, huh?

I'm attempting to savour this week as next week, they start putting the new windows in. They're doing the two apartments next to us this week. We're getting double paned windows and door as part of an agreement the airport made with residents in the flight path. Me, I don't notice the noise, but I'll be very happy for the reduction in my heating bill! It's supposed to take five days to complete, and we have to remove all our blinds and curtains and move everything 4 ft away from the windows and door. Gah!! Still trying to figure out how to move my TV since it took me, Nin, and my brother, to get it in in the first place. Now it's just me and Nin, and we're puny!

Okay, enough chatting, it's time for soup!

What Have I Been Up To?

Well, obviously not blogging, huh? I'm still here, just back to spending more of my time in fannish sorts of activities.

Tonight, Nin and I are going to treat ourselves to a meal out. Something we only do every three of four months.

I've started watching Supernatural. It's pretty good.

I wrote my first ever drabble (a story that's exactly 100 words) for an LJ friend last night. I was quite pleased with myself :)

I think we're going to try and brave Trader Joes tomorrow night. It's a nightmare for parking and getting around, but it can't be beat for finding the stuff Nin and I eat.

Still on goal for saving for our trip to Memphis in October. I really, really, want to go! It's been years since we've had an actual two week holiday.

Mediterranean yogurt and honey on bagels is lovely! I loathe cream cheese, so it occurred to me to try the yogurt I had left over from last week's dinner.