Be Back Later

Sorry, dudes and dudettes, for the lack of posting, but I'm sicker than a dog today. Last night I was thinking food poisoning, but now I'm leaning towards a stomach virus. Nin wanted to take me to the emergency room last night, but I managed to avoid it. If I'm not feeling better by tomorrow, I'll try and get in to see a doctor.

Yes, I'm drinking lots of liquids! Cus I've already been told that a few dozen times! :) Even my landlady wanted to bring me 7 Up.

I did post over at Juliette's yesterday, so you could go participate in that discussion, or you can play here quietly amongst yourselves in the comments.

I'm going to try some toast and go lay down again.

Any of you who have the keys to the blog, feel free to guest post here if you're feeling so inclined.

Still Not King

Errr.. .. that would be 'still no comments'!

Also, I'm at less then two days away from zero hour for canceling my vacation. Not a happy girl right now. But, in case I do get to go away, anyone who has guest blogged for me before is welcome to do so again. Actually, why not do it whether I go away or not? It'll be a virtual vacation if nothing else! I'll be 'gone' for two weeks starting Saturday.

In other unhappy inducing news, I'm on my sixth day with no TV. They put a new roof on our building last week and the roofers took down our dish. They put it back up Monday night WRONG! And I can't get anyone out till Friday to fix it. So I've missed a ton of new shows this week. Grr.

And that's about all that passes for blogging today.