On My Feet

I did go to work today, didn't feel great, but toughed it out.

Watched taped stuff last night, including Gilmore Girls and House. I have to say, House was very good. It was definitely more character driven than some have been. The "disease of the week" was more of a vehicle to explore a little deeper into the characters personalities, and I loved that. Here's hoping this is a trend.

Too tired to cook tonight, so it's going to be grilled cheese sandwiches, made with sourdough, sharp Tillamook cheddar, and chopped onions.

Going to catch up on this week's General Hospital episodes. I'm about three behind at this point.

Feel the Excitement!

Yes, it's another pointless update. No change from last time, but figured I should at least check in, let you know I'm still alive. Still don't know if I can go on vacation, and it's only seven days away. Stress aplenty around my house right now.

I did start a Grey's Anatomy email list last week, so if you're a fan, check it out. It's a sister list to my House M.D. list, and I decided there was enough OT GA posts there that we needed our own list.

As always, email me if you like until comments are fixed.

Everyone have a great weekend.