She Asked!

CTG was asking about my thoughts on last night's "House". I'd been discussing it on my House list, and forgot to post here. So without further ado...

This one made me cry. My list of things that stood out:

So House isn't a hermit. We've had clues as far as him knowing Wilson's wife, but now we know he's met his parents and knew about one of his brothers.

He's nosy and annoying, but he cares. Him with their files was classic House. "Twerp with a limp"

What was going on under the surface between Wilson and Foreman was just as fascinating to him as the patient.

I forgave Foreman for being a jerk by the end.

Rabies! I guessed just prior that that's what it was.

Far be it for me to expect a medical Livejasmin show to be accurate, but I could have sworn that the shots in the stomach weren't necessary anymore.

Watching the OC

And The Word Is...

We got an apartment! We went at lunch yesterday to look, and within the hour had done the paperwork and written out the deposit check. We can move in the 19th! The landlady loves cats, doesn't require a pet deposit, and said I can have all my cats with me -- she doesn't care. It's a large, garden setting type complex, pool, playground, all the units have a deck, and really large rooms wih huge closets, and a storage area. No lease, month to month. We can even grill/BBQ on our deck. The rent will be a bit of a squeeze, but worth it IMHO. I could even walk to work in a pinch, or if I'm feeling really motivated :) Oh, and all the apt's have their own small furnace and hot water heater. We have a corner unit, downstairs.

I can not tell you how relieved I am! and pretty happy the first potential landlady was so obnoxious! I'm not even sure why I called this Jasminlive place since it wasn't on my inital list, but something drew me back to the ad. I think God was looking over my shoulder.

Now, as a housewarming gift to me, I went and ordered some housewares off of my Amazon Wishlist. They had a deal going on, plus free shipping, so that made it easy [g] If you've been dying to know, my kitchen theme colour is blue! I think between what I stole from mum, and the stuff I got a few months back and this order, I have all the basics. Maybe next month I can get a few more things off the list. Still need to buy an air mattress, since I'm dumping my water bed, and a futon sofa for the living room, so we have something to sit on, and it will double as a guest bed. Oh, and a tablecloth for the outdoor plastic table that will now be my dining room table. Tea towels ... Dishcloths... Wooden spoons, spatula/bowl scraper, vaccum. Okay, maybe I'm not as set as I thought! Big surprise there! But soon, precious, soon!


After our 100 mile blow out the catalytic converter drive yesterday, we had dinner at Black Bear Diner, and were seated next to their banquet room. There was a six year old's birthday party in progress there with about 40 kids, gift bags, balloons, sundae bar, cake, and god knows what else. I had just finished telling Nin that when I was that age, I considered myself lucky to have a birthday cake and was floored at the productions children's parties have become. I have coworkers who rent out entire parks for their two year old's birthday party! Anyway, had just finished telling this to Nin when our waiter comes over and says, "and what was your 6th birthday party like?". We all laughed. Well, none of my birthdays, even as an adult, were ever catered at a restaurant! Seems like parents are competing with other parents to have a better birthday party than Jose's or Susie's. At least that's the vibe when you hear them talking about it. Beats me. I will be forever baffled.

You know you're getting old when when you are even comparing birthday parties to 'in my day'

Oh, and I've decided I want to have a birthday party at Disneyland complete with Princesses, since I was obviously deprived of a proper birthday party as a child. Maybe it will heal the deep seated trauma that was caused by not having a catered party with forty of my closest friends. (though I'd prefer a Princes version!)

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Five Minutes To Midnight

I haven't been doing much serious blogging lately. It gets to the point where you're saying the same things over and over again, and nothing changes. I've felt for awhile that this must be what it was like to live in the 1930s and to feel like you're screaming the danger from the rooftops and no one hears. How else can you explain history that seems intent on repeating itself over and over? When the party in opposition can't wait to take back a majority in November so they can start impeachment proceedings? Do they genuinely not see the danger? Or are they too enamored of power that they don't care about the danger their actions put us in? How else do you explain our elected officials who would shackle the ability of the NSA to listen in on those who would murder us, our families, our children? The war isn't coming -- it's here, right now. And before it's over many of us will have died at the hands of fanatical apocalyptic butchers who's warped and evil ideology demands they murder in the name of their god. The bell is tolling and time's about to run out.

If you want to read something that perfectly illustrates my mind set these days, please read this. It's one of those rare articles that I'm saying you really must read.

So while you may not see as many blog posts from me, I'm still around and still as totally pessimistic as I've always been.

In Love

I get lots and lots of catalogs, mostly filled with the same sort of stuff, so not so much in the temptation to buy category. Until today. I got a catalog from a place called Boden in England, and they have a U.S. catalog branch-- whether it's new, I don't know. Oh. My. Goodness!! The clothes are perfect, exactly to my taste, and the kinds of things I never really see here. Then there's the shoes and boots! I could do some serious damage to my bank account if I let myself. So I'm going to file the name of the place away for the day I do have some spare cash for clothes shopping, and in the meantime, just drool over the chaturbate catalog!

Let's See...

if I can get back into the habit of posting here at least a few times a week.

Just watching a few minutes of FNC this morning had me rolling my eyes. It always amazes me that the Dems think we're that stupid. No, I don't believe your crap this year anymore than I did last year.

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I have a bit of a con report up on my LJ, for those interested in that sort of fannish activity.

I am way behind on TV what with having no satellite for ten days and then going on vacation. I still haven't seen a single ep of Lost. Plus I now have the shows from the UK I'm watching like Holby City and Torchwood, so I'm knee deep in TV to watch.

I have caught up with BSG however, and it's been pretty good so far. The other show I'm really enjoying is Ugly Betty. And of course, my obsession with House and Grey's Anatomy is undiminished :)

Fave song right now is 'Chasing Cars' by Snow Patrol, and I really want to get the new Evanescence CD.

How's that for a first post?